RubberHose 2.0

$45.00 per license

(buy more and save)

  • Non-IK, resolution independent, everything connecting, fun-time shape layer rigging

  • Art layer rigging with RubberRig and RubberPin

  • Advanced Hose styling 

  • Speed improvements and keyframe baking

  • BodyMovin support

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What is RubberHose?

Think of it as a quick way to remove a lot of the technical overhead from the animation process to allow you to really focus on character. The simplicity of RubberHose is now faster, more open and bigger than just Shape Layers.

Connect layers from Illustrator and Photoshop into two new stretchy rigs –RubberPin and RubberRig. Style hoses unlike ever before (tapered hoses hallelujah). Major speed updates and keyframe baking let you work faster. 

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