Building tools for working designers and animators.

Battle Axe is the independent design and animation studio of Adam Plouff in Atlanta, Georgia. Hello, I'm Adam. Sometimes I build tools to make animation projects happen more efficiently. A few of these tools are actually fit to be used by other people. These are those tools.

A tool should enable a skilled human to do better work than was previously possible. A tool should inspire and be a joy to use. It should not toot its own horn or become a gimmick. Humans make great work, not tools.

I make products that I enjoy using everyday. I make tools that help do work faster, because there are more important things in life than sitting in front of a computer. So finish your work and go do them. Or do more work. Whatever. It's your life man.


My name is Adam. I’m a designer and animator who also likes math for whatever reason. I believe that making good animation takes a lot of time and the weirdos who do this stuff for a living should have a strong set of tools to help bring a project to life. 

I'm a big believer in caffeine, metal, modular synthesis, runes, incantations, wife, child, vikings, learning how to sleep and exercise sometimes. 

I build tools full-time for this and Google.