Overlord Analytics and your Privacy




Developers use analytics to track how people use their products and which functions get used the most. Overlord utilizes Google Analytics to track how you are using the tool and which buttons you press the most. This helps priorize features and make the most popular functionality stronger.

All data is anonymous and does not share anything about you or what you are working on.


What do not analytics share

These analytics don't share anything about you, your project, your art, client, project naming or any other info from your computer. It's not actually possible to see an individual user's activity, just percentages of everyone who uses Overlord. 


What analytics do share

  • Operating system (OS X vs Windows)
  • Location (country and city)
  • Illustrator and After Effects version number
  • Version number of Overlord
  • Button presses for:
    • Push shapes
    • Pull shapes
    • App Switching
    • New artboard
    • Push swatches
    • Push guides
  • Modifier preferences when pushing and pulling shapes
    • Explode shapes
    • Detect parametric shapes
    • Center anchor point
    • Center in layer

Why is this useful?

Lets say I'm really excited about a feature and only 5% of people actually use it. I now know I should prioritize aspects of the tool that actually get used. It gives me a better idea of how you guys as a whole are using Overlord.


Opting out of Analytics

Right click the panel and open Settings. Uncheck the box for analytics and nothing about how you use Overlord will be shared.