RubberHose 2 - Add-ons


Like many areas in this amazing motion design community, smart people are generously sharing some really great RubberHose add-ons. Thanks to the generous contributors. If you have your own custom styles or workflow tools that you would like to share,  please send them to


Style Presets

Gradient Hose

Simple gradient, complex gradient, that's up to you. The age of the single color hose is over thanks to the almighty Kyle Martinez

The ends of a gradient track to the controller points and colors may be added as needed. 


The Steve Kirby pack

Many thanks to Steve for creating these super high quality styles and sharing with all the kind people on internet.


Installing style presets is as simple as copying them to the Styles folder (click the little folder icon within the red Style group of RubberHose2).

Installing Styles


Bonus Scripts


Option: Hold ALT on the keyboard to reverse the controller order. Helpful if the art was drawn from the bottom up. 

It may be necessary to reposition the controllers within the comp to correctly align with the art. This depends on how the art was set up, how it was imported into After Effects, and transforms that may have been done after importing.

Hose Maker cannot replicate outlined shapes or tapered strokes from Illustrator. It's pretty magical, but AE can only do so much.

Hose Maker

Kyle Martinez shares some really amazing tools. Together with Hernan Torrisi, they've put together a really good way to replicate limbs of characters drawn in Illustrator. While it is not possible to convert a path into a hose, this does the next best thing. The script measures the path length, finds the controller positions and recolors the hose to match the art layer. This is a headless script to be used with a script launcher like FT-Toolbar.


  1. Convert an Illustrator layer to Shape Layer

  2. Select the desired hose and new Shape Layer

  3. Run the script

  4. Reposition control points as needed