RubberHose 2 Braindump

Everything inside of the RubberHose system is designed specifically to never need a manual. This is the manual that you will hopefully never need. 



Tutorial Project

To get up and running as fast as possible download the RubberHose Tutorial Project. It's a hands-on walkthrough of all the main features inside of the system. 

Note: the tutorial project requires RubberHose 2 to be installed. 



RubberHose 2 is a big kid now and isn't limited to just Shape Layers. Hoses are much more responsive and now capable of complex styling, but sometimes it's just easier to draw limbs in Illustrator or Photoshop. With RubberRig you can link up a two part limb and with RubberPin it's easy to control a set of Puppet Pins –all with the same level of control and simplicity of RubberHose.


RubberHose 2 has been rewritten from the ground up to be more open and extendable than ever before. Installed with the script are a set of advanced presets that can be easily swapped out on hoses with a single click. New styles can easily be saved and shared for consistency within a team or with everyone to show off how awesome you are. 


With all the powerful new features of RubberHose 2 it's important to have a strong set of tools to help with the heavy lifting. Utilities from v1 have gotten a major overhaul and along with some new ones to make your life easier. 

With great power comes great Respronsitrillitrance.



The fun part about RubberHose is using it. Controls are simple, focused and live on the end controller (wrist, foot, etc) in the Effect Panel. Along with animating controller ends you can easily modify the bend qualities of a hoses and rigs the get the most personality out of your characters. 


What? You're still rendering video? If you haven't started creating animated SVGs there's a good chance you will soon. Used by Google Doodles and many more, the future of motion will be online thanks to BodyMovin –an amazing extension that allows exported animations to run at an incredibly smooth framerate and with full resolution independence for beautiful images on all size screens. 


Getting started with character animation is enough to break anybody's brain. Take it slow, learn some principals, watch the pros get their hand's dirty and pick up some new RubberHose tricks. 



Getting started with RubberHose is easy, but installing a Script into After Effects can be a little confusing if it's the first time.

Change Log

They say the only constant is change and this is never more true than with software. So make sure you're up to date on any features that affect you and the way you work.


Customize your workflow with the power of bonus styles and tools built by the clever folks who use RubberHose all the time.