RubberHose 2 - Build



Hello faithful friend. The original shape-layer character animation tool for AE is faster and better than ever. 


Select two layers and create a bendable and stretchable rig faster than you ever thought possible. 


Layers can now be imported from Illustrator and bend with Puppet Pins using familiar RubberHose controls.

Naming Fields

Regardless of the rigging type, everything built with RubberHose needs a name. There are two user defined naming fields. The Hose Name, where you input a unique name for each hose group, and the Controller Pairs. Controller pairs are reused as characters typically have the same kinds of parts (arms, legs, necks).

Each time a hose or rigging group is created the name must be manually renamed, or it will be automatically incremented. This allows all groups to have a unique name and avoiding expressions targeting the wrong layers.

Controller pairs may be rearranged, added and deleted in the list view to best suit your workflow.