Simplicity, but like way more of it

Simplicity is a fundamental principal of good design. Simplicity has always been the primary focus with RubberHose, because animators do a lot of hard work and deserve tools that are enjoyable. In version 2, new things have been added, dumb things requiring multiple steps have been removed, and code has been optimized to run as fast as possible inside of After Effects.



Hose Styling

RubberHose introduced a whole new way to create characters using shape layer paths. But sometimes noodle arms aren't right for the look of the project or the character.

The ability to style a hose has always been a main function of the RubberHose system since version 1. It is now possible achieve much more complex styles and save all your hard work as a preset file that can be applied to other hoses and shared with your team or with users around the world.

More about Hose Styling at the BrainDump.



Transform Rigging a set of two layers from Illustrator or Photoshop should be a simple task. And now it is. 

Line up two layers at the center of the comp and click the button to create a stretchy rig with the same level of control as RubberHose.

More about RubberRig at the BrainDump.


Often underutilized, Puppet Pins can be a really effective way to bend a single layer. Because of the advances in RubberHose 2, it is now possible to link a set of 3 pins to a controller group. This means two really important things:

  • A single art layer can bend and stretch like a hose
  • Art layer pins can be attached onto an existing hose group and work as a texture for the hose.

More about RubberPin at the BrainDump.

Speed Improvements

In RubberHose 2, the control hierarchy has been redesigned and all expressions have been completely rewritten and optimized to run as fast as possible. 

Sometimes your scene needs a ton of hoses and no amount of clever code will save it. Keyframe Baking is the one-click solution to trash all that lame math and make some keyframes. Hose styling is still fully editable after baking, and if you need to adjust the motion of the hose just Unbake and you'll be back in math land. 

BodyMovin SVG Exporting

It is now possible to tell a modern browser how to draw art and animation right on a site that are fully scalable, at ulta-smooth framerates, smaller than most GIFs. While this is amazing, it usually involves writing a ton of code that nobody wants to do.

BodyMovin is a powerful extension that takes your After Effects comp and exports the code needed to run online with minimal setup. It's an amazing tool and now supports RubberHose. 

More about BodyMovin at the BrainDump.