RubberHose 2 - Style


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As soon as you twirl open the Style section of RubberHose 2 you'll see a list of available styles that come preinstalled with the script. These styles range from simple multi-color lines to tapered width hoses (hooray!).

Applying styles

Select a layer (hose or controller) from the desired hose group, select a style from the style library, and press the Apply button. The current style will be removed and the new one applied. 

Copy/Paste Style

Customized styles may be saved and added to the library (see below), but the quickest way to get a style on another hose is to copy. Select a layer (hose or controller) and press Style Copy. Select a layer from the desired hose group and press Style Paste to overwrite the current style. Holding the Shift key will paste the new style to the existing without overwriting.


Saving and installing styles

Saving a Style

Select a layer (hose or controller) that belongs to the style you would like to save. Hold ALT and click the Copy Style button. A file save dialog will popup. Save the file to your desktop or somewhere easy to locate. When you press Save you will likely be presented with a similar warning about the save location being outside of the default.  AE just wants you to know that the preset wont be available in the Effects & Presets panel. We don't want it there. This is normal and may be ignored.

This error is totally ok. Just ignore it. Probably just enable Never Again.

This error is totally ok. Just ignore it. Probably just enable Never Again.

Installing a Style

Whether you created and saved your own Style Preset or downloaded on for another user, the installation is the same. Click the small folder icon to open the Styles folder. Drag or copy the desired file into the folder. In order to update the library list in the RubberHose 2 script panel click the refresh button. The list will update and you can apply your new styles all day long. 

Styles may also be deleted and renamed using this same process. Make changes to the files and refresh the panel.


Beware the Spaghetti Monster

AHHHH! My Tapered Hose explode when the controllers get close to one another? ಠ╭╮ಠ

Yeah this is totally normal. Don't freak out, just be mindful of how close the controllers are to one another. 

I will continue to try to squash this little bug, but the limitations of After Effects make things kinda tough. 


Background: Tapered Hoses have been the most requested features for RubberHose. Tapered Strokes (like in Illustrator) have also been a pretty major request for Adobe to add to After Effects as a whole. I mention this to say Tapered Hoses aren't actually possible because Tapered Strokes aren't yet possible. 

But wait, I see Tapered Strokes. They're right there. What are you talking about? ◉_◉

It's not actually possible to draw a shape layer bendy line that's controlled by external layers in After Effects. But, through a series of workarounds, it actually works. This is what's happening with Tapered Hoses. It's not bulletproof, but it does work.

Tip: Factory Reset

If you ever feel inclined to reset the script and all it's settings it's good to remember that all the preset files will also be deleted. I'm sure you're a great computer user and back up all your important files (right?), but be sure you save a copy of your custom style presets before reseting the script.

Tip: version compatibility

One thing to be aware of when saving style presets for sharing with others, the version of After Effects  you save from will be the lowest version that can apply the style preset. So if you are working on CC2015 and need to share with someone who uses CC2014, you will need to save a copy of your project down to a lower version (File>Save As>Save a Copy as [lower version]…). Open the newly saved project file then repeat the Style Preset saving process inside of the lower version.

TIP: Locked Hose

Styles may still be applied to hose layers that are locked. This is helpful if you enable Lock Hose at Creation in the script settings (to avoid accidental selection when animating).