What does it do?

There are countless ways to set up a character for animation, but RubberHose is the fastest and simplest. Use it alone or with other systems to get the most out of your characters. One click gets you set up with a bendy line that works the way you expect it to. There are lots of materials in the version 1.0 training series if you're curious.


Connect layers to the ends of hoses. Connect hoses to other animated layers. Adjust the hose characteristics to fit the character, scene or action –all in the middle of animating. The freedom to change a bend's direction or roundness or the hose length is all yours. 

Using RubberHose


With everything that goes into character animation (drawing/rigging/design) it's often too scary for beginners to overcome the initial challenges of posing and timing and move on to expression and emotion. RubberHose takes the technical hassle out of rigging and let's you focus on performance. 


Time and budget rarely scale with the increasing demand for characters in motion graphics. RubberHose frees up designers to quickly build stylized characters that are ready to animate.

RubberHose can also be used to build more abstract motion elements.


Some of the most time consuming forms of animation rely heavily on preproduction to nail down weight and timing before finalizing with real art. RubberHose can be quickly used to build bones and create motion tests faster than you can sharpen your pencils.

Interwebz Demo

It's kind of hard to visualize an animation tool that's fun to use, so stop using your dumb old imagination and use the fancy online demo to get a sense of what RubberHose is and how it reacts to you. Demo created by Hernan Torrisi with BodyMovin.


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