RubberHose 1.0

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What is RubberHose?

RubberHose is the fastest way to rig and animate a character in After Effects. It's an open system built specifically for handling the frustrating parts of animation while letting you stay in control of your character's performance and the life you bring to it. You will save time and you will actually enjoy the process. Guaranteed. 


Learning and practicing

With everything that goes into character animation (drawing/rigging/design) it's often too scary for beginners to overcome the initial challenges of posing and timing and move on to expression and emotion. RubberHose takes the technical hassle out of rigging and let's you focus on performance. 

Motion Graphics

Time and budget rarely scale with the increasing demand for characters in motion graphics. RubberHose frees up designers to quickly build stylized characters that are ready to animate.

RubberHose can also be used to build more abstract motion elements.

Cel and Frame-by-frame

Some of the most time consuming forms of animation rely heavily on preproduction to nail down weight and timing before finalizing with real art. RubberHose can be quickly used to build bones and create motion tests faster than you can sharpen your pencils. 

Getting started

One click gets you going by building a new Hose Group. From there you can define the how the Hose bends and begin connecting to other layers.


Because Hoses are 100% ShapeLayers you have complete control of the its appearance. It starts out plain but can be styled with additional strokes, dashes and ShapeLayer effects. How it ends up is limited only by you imagination.


RubberHose gets you up and running with unbelievable quickness. The system also has a number of advanced features that can be used to achieved more complex interaction between hoses and layers.


As a project grows it often becomes a wrestling match against so many layers. Right inside of RubberHose are a set of tools built to help you focus on what’s important.


Probably not. We believe that animating takes a lot of right-brain activity in order to focus on performance, and that having to switch out of this mode of thinking in order to process through the joint pointing or how layers are precomped (even for a few seconds) can slow down a workflow tremendously. Because of this we have worked really hard to make the system intuitive and function the way you expect it would. This is why there aren't tons of features, because simple is good. 


Can RubberHose do tapered strokes?

Nope. You're gonna have to take that one up with Adobe. RubberHose is built on Shape Layers, so until they build tapered strokes into After Effects (like in Illustrator), that's sadly a no.


Will RubberHose make me good at animation?

I wish I could promise that, but animation (specifically character animation) is really hard and takes quite a while to get good. While RubberHose will help make this process a lot less painful, a good performance comes from a person and not from a computer. RubberHose has been built intentionally to take a backseat to you as the animator. It will grow with you as your skills improve and will never force a style onto your work. If you’re just getting started I’d HIGHLY recommend The Animator’s Survival Kit


Will future updates be free?

Free updates will depend entirely on the scope of the update. Small additions and fixes will absolutely be free, but major product overhauls will most likely be paid upgrades. Owner’s of previous versions will receive discounts on new versions. 



Nope. It's really good for certain types of work, and some other tools are way better for different styles and animation requirements. I'd highly recommend also giving GG_PuppetTools and Duik a try for more complex art needing pins and full IK. 


Why is it asking me to make a GumRoad account?

We use Gumroad to keep track of customers purchases and licensing. Logging into GumRoad lets us send you tool updates for new features and bug fixes and allows you to download your purchased tools.


I'm getting an error about a Missing Preset, how do I fix that?

Sometimes AE does weird things with preferences and a handful of users have encountered this issue. Future versions will make fixing this easier, but for now here's a little guide. 

Preset Location Pref

Is there a free trial version?

Not right now. Maybe not ever. It's a lot easier to focus on the product without having to think about building a crippled version as well. So, watch some of the videos to see how it works and buy a copy. If it doesn't fit your workflow then you'll get a full refund, no questions asked. 



You sure can. One of the major features that sets RubberHose apart is its reliance on ShapeLayers rather than traditional vector or high-res art that would be created in Illustrator or Photoshop. This means that the Hoses can be re-styled (by adding additional strokes and ShapeLayer effects) as needed to better fit the overall piece. Sometimes you start animating and realize that a costume isn't allowing a character's personality to come through. Now you can redesign a character right inside of After Effects with minor tweaks to the Hose settings and no fear of losing all your hard work.



No. While similar, in that you simply have to move an the end of a limb, RubberHose does not use traditional IK math, bones or parenting chains to achieve joints or bends. The RubberHose system is based primarily on the length of a limb. If that length is greater than the distance between two points (let's say Shoulder and Wrist joints) the Hose bends and in order to preserve the limb length. The sharpness or curve of the bend can be customized but beyond that everything is taken care of. No additional setup is required. 



Short answer: No. 

Long answer: Drawing proper S-curves isn't a simple matter of slapping two simple curves together going in opposite directions. RubberHose uses parametric shapes instead of Bézier paths because After Effects (currently) does not support the realtime control of paths with all the code stuff. As stated above we value simple things that make sense over lots features. More than anyone I'd like to see S-curves happen, but if it's not intuitive it won't make it in to RubberHose. 


Is this rendering a little slower than standard animated paths?

There is a lot of math happening behind the scenes to help draw curves so you don't ever have to think about them. The more Hoses you add to a comp the more noticable the behind-the-scenes calculations might be (depending on your system and ram configuration). Speed and efficiency are at the top of our list for all products so we'll be constantly looking for ways to streamline the system so you can work faster. This may take the form of cleaner math or baking keyframes (once your animation is locked). More speed improvements in future versions.