RubberHose 2.0

$45.00 per license

(buy more and save)

  • Non-IK, resolution independent, everything connecting, fun-time shape layer rigging

  • Art layer rigging with RubberRig and RubberPin

  • Advanced Hose styling 

  • Speed improvements and keyframe baking

  • BodyMovin support

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What is RubberHose?

Think of it as a quick way to remove a lot of the technical overhead from the animation process to allow you to really focus on character. The simplicity of RubberHose is now faster, more open and bigger than just Shape Layers.

Connect layers from Illustrator and Photoshop into two new stretchy rigs –RubberPin and RubberRig. Style hoses unlike ever before (tapered hoses hallelujah). Major speed updates and keyframe baking let you work faster. 


Version 2 cool stuff

Speed boosts, workflow enhancements, new ways to animate, same simplicity.  

New to RubberHose? 

RubberHose works differenly than anything else out there. Learn the basics.


This is the necronomicon of hidden RubberHose 2 knowledge. 



Is RubberHose 2 a free upgrade?

Nope. $30 to upgrade from v1.0 if purchased before Dec 2016. 


Uh, lame. Why isn't it free?

Because development is a lot of work. v2 isn't really an upgrade as it's a completely new system that just so happens to function like you would expect it to if you've worked with v1. All the new features and little enhancements were not at all possible with v1 code. It's a lot smarter and cleaner than v1 and will allow you to work faster and smoother than ever before. But, if you'd rather not spend the money, v1 still works just fine for a lot of projects. 


How do I update to RubberHose 2 from version 1?

You will have received an email from to the address you used to purchase v1 with a discount code. Sometimes these email get caught in spam filters, so if you can't find this email or you would like to switch your email address on file, send a quick message to:


I use a two computers, do I need to buy multiple licenses?

No, just one. Like the Creative Cloud license that allows you to log in on two machines for working from home or on a laptop this is totally cool. One license per user. If you have a machine for just rendering, that's ok too. Use your best judgment and try to not be evil. 


Can I install this on a render machine?

You could, but you won't ever need to. RubberHose utilizes standard After Effects functionality so rendering will happen with or without installation. 


Does RubberHose 2 work with After Effects Version ___?

RubberHose 2 works with all versions of After Effects CS6 and newer.


How do I install this?

Just drop RubberHose2.jsxbin into the Scripts/ScriptUI Panels folder. If that's nonsense to you, then read this



Not right now. Maybe not ever. It's a lot easier to focus on the product without having to think about building a crippled version as well. So, check out the online demo, watch some of the videos to see how it works and buy a copy. If it doesn't fit your workflow then you'll get a full refund, no questions asked.


Can I convert my Illustrator file into a hose?

YES! Thanks to an add-on script from Kyle Martinez, it's easy to convert Illustrator layer strokes into working hoses. 

If your art is more complex than a regular stroke, consider rebuilding your art with shape layers or use both RubberRig and RubberPin to rig up your layers and stay true to the design.


Where is AutoFlop?

In version 1, AutoFlop was a part of the start controller. This became challenging if the controller was parented to a body layer and would often go crazy and make the AutoFlop threshold tough to work with. 

Now in version 2, AutoFlop is created as a new layer. This layer is linked to the start controller with expressions but is not subject to the rotation of the controller itself. 


What happened to Linked Hoses?

In  v1.0, using a hose as a matte got a little tricky with all the internal naming and expressioning that had to happen to make everything work –this required the Linked Hose button. With v2.0, you can just duplicate a hose layer. No fuss, no linked hoses, just duplicate the layer and it'll link up automatically. 


Can I upgrade my v1 Hoses?

Yes, there's a single click button to make this happen. Because of several differences in two versions, keyframed values (Hose Length, Bend Direction, etc) do not get applied directly. Instead, copy/paste these values from the V1 panel to the V2 panel. AutoFlop also does not directly translate since Auto-Flop is now a separate layer. 


Can I read the software license?

You got it.


I have a weird question, who can I talk to?

Me. Hi. My name is Adam. Nice to meet you.


RubberHose 1 FAQ


Where are the version 1.o videos?



Sometimes AE does weird things with preferences and a handful of users have encountered this issue. RubberHose 2 has removed this error, but to quickly fix a v1 error read through this little guide. 

Preset Location Pref